linde is a little fairy with a twist. her insights in human relationships, and the songs she writes about them, are as intense as they are unbearable. although linde makes drama on the soft side of the volume-control, she sometimes wants to scream out. If not even that is possible, she lets songs of inuit and mongols flow through her body. guitarist jeroen huyzentruyt and percussionist jef de smet frame linde's madness musically. they tell the stories she is unable to let out.

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with ‘bookshelves’, the ghent-based acoustic trio linde drop their fourth, and probably most musically conventional track off their soon to be released debut album ‘cold sore’. according to singer linde muylaert the song is a desperate cry for attention, even though it also involves a certain degree of opportunism. it so happens that the lover she fancies is expected to build her furniture and bring her breakfast in bed as a bonus. "i wrote the lyrics on the eve of another lonely valentine", she explains. "since i’m a sucker for romantic movies, my basic thought was: damn, for once I'd like to be pampered like the female protagonists on the screen. and I don't want to fucking wait!"

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